1. Philip Mix – Frolic Inlet

              30 x 36

              Oil on linen

              Bill Boyd – Blue & Gold Bowl

              2.75 x 15.5

              Ceramic with Crystalline Glaze

              Bi Yuan Cheng – A Fall Day

              36 x 48

              Acrylic on canvas


              Michael Hermesh – The Fortune Teller

              12 x 7 x 7.25

              Bronze, edition 1 of 15

              Geoff Searle – Large Vase with Double Top

              11.5 x 10.5 x 10.5


              Lisa Samphire – Landscape Vase (Cranberry, Pink)

              9 x 9.5 x 5


              One of the premiere boutique art galleries in the Pacific Northwest, The Avenue Gallery, in Victoria, British Columbia, has been showcasing contemporary Canadian fine art since 2002. Patrons from around the world are treated to ever-changing exhibits and have access to unsurpassed collections bypainters,sculptors, andglassandjewelleryartists. This impressive art gallery carries a broad spectrum of modern art that appeals to people new to the contemporary art scene as well as knowledgeable collectors.

              Shipping is provided by a dedicated art courier for those living in BC (outside of Victoria) and in many of Albertas major centres (e.g. Calgary and Edmonton). UPS, Fedex and Purolator deliver to other areas.

              I do not live in Victoria or even in British Columbia, but visit at least two or three times a year. My first port of call (after visiting the relatives) is always Oak Bay and in particular The Avenue Gallery. The Avenue Gallery is my favorite gallery on Vancouver Island, if not in the world.I love its wonderful collection of top quality British Columbian artists, not just painters, but jewelers, basket weavers, potters, sculptors, carvers and glass artists. The gallery is spacious and very well laid out giving every artist adequate room to display their work to advantage. I find visiting this gallery very uplifting and the staff informative and very friendly.Caroline Carroll


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